HERODOT in Muziekgieterij


After a very nice start of the Minimal Empire concept more then one year ago we start 2015 with an amazing guest : HERODOT from SUNRISERomania, a label famous for its djs and worldwide super minimal festival SUNWAVES taking place twice a year on the Romanian sea-coast. Herodot is also one of the 3 owners of the very famous underground club Guesthouse in Bucharest

Herodot first discovered music as something fascinating by the age of six. His mother had bought him and his sister a turntable, in order to play classical music and fairytales. This may have been the start of a mystery yet to be unraveled. As Herodot put it himself, “my first impulse was to scratch the record.”
Since 2000 he joined the dj booth together with a new generation of deep techno micro minimal djs in Romania (Rhadoo, Raresh, Kozo etc), that have gained international prestige because of the amazing atmosphere that they create for an event. Are you coming to see what are we talking about?

Herodot shared decks with artists like Marco Carola, Magda, Ryan Crosson, Daniel Bell, Barem, Seph, Onur Ozer, Troy Pierce and Ptc, Praslea, Valentino Kanzyani, Kozo, El Cezere. During the last years, he focused on production and the first success already came as his colleagues RPR Sound included his song in their mix for Circoloco’s 10 anniversary.

listen to his music https://soundcloud.com/herodot
like the artist https://www.facebook.com/HerodotMusic

The warm up will be under the control of FIIR a very interesting dj from south Holland passionate about the new micro minimal sound


Also in control of the sounds will be Bart (KONTRAST) from Hasselt.Kontrast has always been one of the leading supporters of this side of minimal tech and one of the best established western european dj labels for this kind of music


Minimal Empire all about the new directions of minimal techno music, of its new discoveries in sound and its uses for social interaction. To be more precise its about elegant frequencies that make people dance and enjoy time together ! The music of the 21st century !

Minimal Empire is a free flowing minimal music event for electronic music lovers


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