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This part of the blog will show some interesting tracks, mostly of Romanian artists, as they are in focus, but also micro minimal vibrations coming from other like wise connected artists. so here we begin with the one can be the one to begin, and by that I mean …


For those who are familiar with his name there’s no need for introduction. For the rest, a brief introduction would sound as follows:

People like to call Rhadoo : our favourite alien. For the way he mixes and the acoustic journeys he creates. He is a master of sound and one of the fathers behind the fresh sound of the Romanian minimal tech scene, together with Raresh and Petre Inspirescu (Pedro)

More words might be too much to describe him. As he is just about precision and full enjoyment of sound

lets start with an older sound, 2006  a very old remix of Rhadoo of a cheesy pop song. see why he is so amazing. Enjoy :



and then a more recent track , 2013


List goes on with fresh sound of a new master of sound dimensions, Tulbure



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