vampires in residency / off-program

B32, the only exhibition space for young and starting artists in Maastricht called in for residency in September 2013, two Romanian graffiti artists, Radu Muresan and Vlad Suciu, known under they names SPSH and LUMIN, to challenge the representation of the outside reality, by a mural piece inside of our gallery space. The result is displayed in October 2013 inside B32.

During their time in residency, there were creative moments in all sort of situations. And some of the unseen parts in their residency appear in these photos.

539629_640334109344422_1424889322_n 540718_640331639344669_1984269600_n 1374043_640331026011397_358470799_n 1374074_640331019344731_975801299_n 1376486_640331079344725_814106498_n 1377544_640331636011336_2059065187_n 1379502_640331022678064_680141331_n 1390567_640328619344971_2079118871_n 1391690_640332082677958_2075854729_n
special upcoming events :
Sunday, 20th Oct – 17h Lecture Avant garder graffiti , 20h movie screening Downtown 81
Thursday, 24th , gallery open from 16h, movie screening at 21h, Brasil 1985
Friday, 25th, finnisage expo with Syndicate the band, 19h
Sunday, 26th, concert Joy as a Toy , 19h


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