1st of March

choose your day between 1st-9th March

The first 9 days of March are called Baba Dochia’s Days, Baba Dochia(romania)/Marta(bulgaria) being an image of the Great Earth Goddess.
the way your chosen day takes places is supposed to foretell how the following year will be

In ancient Rome, New Year’s Eve was celebrated on March 1 – ‘Martius’, as the month was called in the honour of the god Mars. Mars was not only the god of war but also an agricultural guardian, who ensured nature’s rebirth. Therefore, the red and white colours of Mărţişor may be explained as colours of war and peace.
The Thracians also used to celebrate the New Year’s Eve on the first day of March, a month which took the name of the god Marsyas Silen, the inventor of the pipe (fluier, traditional musical instrument), whose cult was related to the land and vegetation. Thracian spring celebrations, connected to fertility and the rebirth of nature, were consecrated to him. In some areas,
Daco-Romanians still celebrate the agrarian New Year in spring, where the first days of March are considered days of a new beginning. Before March 1, women choose one day from the first nine of the month, and judging by the weather on the chosen day, they would know how the new year will go for them.

Romania , Bulgaria, parts of Macedonia and Serbia celebrate the 1st of March with giving simbolic gifts , in red/white color, under the name of Martisor or Martesita


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