|11.11.11| Thomas van Linge

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11.11.11 – 27.11.11 | On the Gradient
Thomas van Linge (Haarlem, 1989) is looking for the area in between. The incommensurable, the paradox, the gradient; all are situations where we are confronted with unusual twist on our understanding of truth and meaning. Using absurdity as a catalyst, he tries to show a different reality by disrupting the expected. The unknown makes him eager to continue, the known makes him eager to distort.390512_276827459028424_204824490_n298855_276826195695217_929623468_n 301994_276825629028607_1915194746_n 303704_276824269028743_974842436_n 303731_276822785695558_1007816421_n 305449_276821759028994_1677111490_n 305888_276826922361811_1338996364_n 307107_276826695695167_1415704655_n 307195_276827529028417_486588425_n 307736_276823892362114_1622582830_n 311427_276824762362027_922686295_n 316792_276827605695076_2036381832_n 317661_276823015695535_1145452449_n 317772_276824535695383_284812869_n 374866_276823315695505_907652452_n 377162_276826465695190_94228520_n 384655_276825232361980_485977562_n 385178_276822482362255_116091711_n 386059_276827165695120_238930423_n 386146_276825942361909_2108832278_n 390083_276822055695631_686599712_n 390616_276825402361963_1503853095_n


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