episode 1 | Social TECH Interventions together with STRICTLY VINYL

CLAUDIA FALUTOIU will be hosting the second season’s opening of STRICTLY VINYL, the foremost underground electronic concept night series based in Maastricht !

Claudia has been involved in the local underground scene for the last 2 years and developped projects connecting art, technology and creative interactions. Now, she goes deeper into her journey and dives deeper into her main acoustic interest : the electronic culture.

She joins Strictly Vinyl to turn it into a crazy formula. Between sound and space, the opening event of the season will be covered in colorful reflections. Prepare to decompose the lights, the sounds and the scenery. Prepare for a journey started from the desire to create an electronic-wonderland.

From a vibrant setting change and a new sense to all around music to special installations, performances as well as live VJing by London’s intellectual insomniac THE MADHATTER !!! You need to prepare for quite an unusual holistic audio-visual experience !!

More on the program the very special guest DJ MARIUS SAHDEEQ from kompakt Cologne distributed label KI RECORDS and the city ‘s monthly underground night SPIELRAUM !!! Also joining this mental night are Maastricht´s infamous DON LONDI from take five !!

last but not least, STRICTLY VINYL resident DJs VOLT.MAR (minimood) and DIALOG (strictly vinyl) !!

…and STRICTLY VINYL goes underground with new location at



p hoto gallery : http://www.residentadvisor.net/photo-gallery.aspx?set=19285

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