TOUR | Osaka | ArtParcours 2011

11.09.2011 | Tour | headphone concerts with the songs from the OSAKA album

Tour aka The Oblong Urban Recorder (Stijn Segers, Belgium, 1977) makes music about places. Acoustic and electronic. Dealing with real and unreal situations. He makes field recordings and incorporates elements of the local folk music.
Currently he is working on soundtracks for an imaginary road movie following the European highway E40. With it’s 8.500km one of the world’s longest highways, Tour creates songs and soundscapes for planned and unplanned stops along this route. He travels from Calais in the north of France to Ridder near the Chinese border in Kazachstan, from the west to the east. Central thoughout the work is man, on his way to a specific (travelling) or unspecific goal (wandering), succeeding (moving) or failing (halting). Tour invites video artists and photographer to join and make imagery for the music. Currently Pieter Geenen (Brussels) and Rob Walbers (Antwerp) are joining him on the trip.
Tour plays live music to selected imagery from the film. Bert Hornikx (drums and samples) and Martijn Pillards (guitar and synth) .

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