29 OCT | Acoustic interventions in a manufactured world

In between reality and the ilussion of reality, Ingo Binder transforms B32 Artspice into a specious forest. 3 projectors for one sensation. An instant plantation of visual memories supported acoustically by the live acts of Microseq and ENKA and a special sound set by Ingo Binder. Join a 5hour expedition in a forest without rain, but filled with unexpected sonic situations.

20.30h | ENKA | ambient electronic | amsterdam, NL

21.15h | Microseq | ||electronic “art” music|| amsterdam, NL


…algorithmic composition techniques in designing sound; abandoned while approaching personal aesthetics…

22.00h | Ingo Binder | Rouven BRÜS | Acoustic interventions


Bourgognestraat 32, 6221 BZ, Maastricht


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