28 OCT | Acoustic Journey in Artspace Rondeel |

electroacoustics, electronic sound creation and manipulation by Scott Looney and Klaus Janek

Klaus Janek studied classical doublebass with a particular interest in the 20th century, in parallel he explored traditional jazz to spiritual and energy based free jazz, he got involved in electronic music and works on stretching his expression and perception of music towards sound and noise. He acts at the junction of the different forms of phrasing and conceiving music.


Scott R. Looney has always been interested in the creation and performance of compelling sounds across a broad spectrum of contemporary, improvised, and experimental music. He has studied composition and improvisation with Roscoe Mitchell, Wadada Leo Smith, Morton Subotnick, David Rosenboom, and Frederic Rzewski, obtaining his MFA in Composition from California Institute of the Arts.


Both of them will undertake a surprising sonic tour within less known and used frequencies in the context of their new and exciting project recently started in 2009, featuring Klaus Janek on bass and electronics, with Scott R. Looney on electronics and prepared piano. These two musicians and their different experiences together and separately create a wealth of sonic textural landscapes in their interactions, with an emphasis on logic and contrasting concepts guiding the overall shape of the work. The gig is part of their fall of 2010 this duo will be touring Europe, and the CD release ‘1510’ will be available from Edgetone Records on Oct 18th.

The journey will take  place on Thursday, the 28th of October in Artspace Rondeel.

Tea and maybe even cookies will be served.


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