ARM | Bizarre Divergence Night

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Lina Paul will kick the evening off with a novel take on folk music. This Berlin based artist has a background in sound installations and operates on the fringe of music and sound performance. A fragile voice, a guitar and an old tape deck with field recordings, need we say more.
A more ‘classical’ approach to the genre comes from the Alma Church Choir (Dusseldorff). Melancholic yet never cliché, the two have found a distinct sound remniscent of the seventies. Warm and melodical, music for a cold November afternoon (or October evening for that matter).
Lina Paul and the Alma Church Choir will visit ARM as part of their 2010 ‘Tour de l’Europe’
Of a slightly different flavour is the third act of the evening: Mother of Noise. Other than the name would suggest the ‘lightning bolts from Sun City’ offer an easily digestible and bright taste of stoner rock.
As a finishing touch to an inspiring evening of invigorating live music we bring you K-Spark&the Blipoobox. Their unification foretold by at least a dozen prophets and an equal amount of fashion magazines, the merge of man and Blipoobox is the aural equivalent to the advent of the inflatable television.

The evening will continue as it sounds with the Kontrast Team. This 5 dj collective is one of the best newcoming minimal techno groups from Belgium. Koen, Pjay, Bart, Bruni, Matthew Lee can be found playing mostly in Hasselt and sometimes in Leuven or Brussels, sharing the decks with the likes of Raresh, Massomenos or Rhadoo. Now they come to Maastricht to offer their fresh vibes under the discoball of the Artspace Rondeel Maastricht
And so, having taken all of the above into consideration already, there should be absolutely no reason for you not to be there half past seven sharp. For the inconsiderate amongst you, we’ll provide complementary lollipops at the bar.
See you Saturday@ARM


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