Funny Animals by Leonid Babiitchouk

Leonid Babiitchouk

Funny Animals

Funny Animals

exhibition  24 July – 24 August

B32 ARTSPICE, Bourgognestraat 32

Opening on Saturday 17th July, 20:00 h

Visiting schedule:

Sundays 14:00-18:00h

And by appointment at (0)6 17052494

Every artwork created by Leonid Babiitchouk is both articulate and profound – perhaps it is the word “artwork” itself, when broken down to the two constructs that make it whole, are best applied here as a fitting description rather than an actual term. Art – it’s the pure expression of Leonid’s aesthetics and being, a world governed by its own distinct rules, a world where mysticism begs for forgiveness and magic defies expectations. Work – its meticulousness is astounding, all elements laid out precisely like clockwork, purposeful and connected.

It is the spirit of gesamtkunstwerk, the all encompassing nature of art, that permeates Leonid’s work. Every piece, be it two or three dimensional, is but one piece of a puzzle.

The face creates an expression, the expression then, like the Cheshire Cat, morphs into the body that, in turn, becomes the story. It is that eternal story, that myth that evokes the animal in each and every one of us.

Leonid breathes life into his magical creatures and makes them real. These creatures do not think like us – they FEEL.


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