Showing Talking & Our Time Part II

B32 Artspice and [EVA]project presents during Kunst Tour 2010 works with free acoustic dimensions mediated by multiple mediums reunited under the idea of “showing talking”, in parallel with video introspections generated by the project Our Time, at its second stage in a tryptique of presentations.



Saturday | 22.05 |

15h | Performance by Stijn Demeulenaere | Small talk (B)

The artist will host a cocktail party with speaking glasses about evolution in communication | mixed media acoustic performance

Stijn Demeulenaere is a sound-artist, musician and radiomaker from Brussels, Belgium. He works as a journalist for Radio 1 (Belgium), produces the free-form radio art program ‘Radio Eliot’ and played in the improvisation collective Karen Eliot. As a sound-artist, he currently works around the ruin of listening and auditive memories.

Sunday | 23.05 |

17h |

concert Nu&Apa Neagra (Ro)

meditative concert of unexpected influences fusing the limits of technology and musical instruments. It feels as an allegory of sounds, of continents and identities immerse you in the middle of an acoustic journey. Find your way between free form music in a world of borders!

Monday | 24.05 |

16h | Poetry Slam

18h | Performance dinner | Cina

full sense performance Psychenaturadatura (Ro) | experience a visual acoustic showing, mixed with special tastes offered on an exploratory dinner where tradition meets experiment.

Evening menu: traditional Romanian food and drinks as part of a unique full senses performance.

On GOING 22 . 23 . 24 May, 14 – 21 h

SmallTalk | installation

Running in the image during storm | photo-video installation


The second part of the project consisting of 15 films that are shown in B32, in three parts from February till June 2010. Our Time was initiated by Joao Mourao on the occasion of the Cecac workshop week 2008 conducted by Charles Esche, Nedko Solakov and Fondazione Ratti Milano. A publication under the same title completed the course, a magazine accompanies the exhibition which is available in B32. Five films that will be presented in this second part. Their motif is related to stories of individuals being somehow positioned in the margins of their personal condition or of society. By taking up their station at a non-location in a non-time, they act not only as protagonists of the films, but also in relation to art discourse.


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