[EVA].1 @ B32

Son of a Kitsch!

exhibition  04.04 – 09.05.2010

B32 ARTSPICE, Bourgognestraat 32

Opening on Saturday 3rd April, 19:00 h

Kitsch might be a lie, giving us the false impression. It also can be a failed attempt of being serious or extraordinarily theatrical. The love of the exaggerated comes from the wish for the instant feeling, the fantastic, the passionate. However it confronts our ideal desires and wants with the reality. Kitsch is an illusion that dares to reflect the truth.

B32 Artspice presents the recent work of the young Hague-based painter, Dylan Eijkes. His particular interest in history, occult theories, religion, and the fundamental admiration of the old masters reveals more about his concerns. He often chooses mysterious, dramatic or uneasy topics, however right away eases the spectators’ discomfort with a witty gesture. The omnipotence of eroticism, exaggeration and well known clichés characterise his dreamlike images.

Nosferatu is a fresh acoustic project between Romanticism and Expressionism, based on the reenactment of the famous 1922 movie with homonymous title, the first adaptation of the novel “Dracula” written by Bram Stocker. A live performance on guitar, percussion, saxophone, violin and clarinet interpreted by five artists from Brussels, known under the name of TOHU BOHU. Join to feel the images !

The exhibition will be opened with a performance by Tohu Bohu, followed by the dynamic beats of DJ Nothing but Funk and special tastes and smells, coming from home-made cookies.

It all starts at 19h on the 3rd of April 2010 in B32 ARTSPICE, Bourgognestraat 32, Maastricht. Presented by [EVA]


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