ExperimentA – event 0 – The Core of the Coleman



Different patterns, different feelings, different perspectives, same way. Part of contemporary mind. 1st Event, date 12th October 2009, 21:00

Description of event. Music and meditational vibe at the border of perception

Artist. Jorge Boehringer is an electro-acoustic musician, composer, sound designer, and installation artist from United States. Ten years ago he has become an unstoppable navigational presence in the noise and experimental music scenes. As one of his alter-egos Core of the Coalman, Jorge performs solo on a variety of electrical and acoustic media in live performance. These pieces address a variety of conceptual and artistic intents and interests and result in the creation of novel sonic architectures.

Solo viola axe and silver toned frequency drift for the vibration of the air surrounding the aural coils, electrically.



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